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  Design and construction of a prototype capable of producing green electricity through rainwater

The idea behind this project is that every home or building can independently produce electricity, using one
of the few renewable resources not used yet:  rainwater.  With this project we aim to make each
independent home (if not totally, at least partially).  By means of micro turbines that can be installed in homes and public buildings, you want to channel rainwater thus producing electricity.
A prototype and a first feasibility study complete with competition analysis and the possibility of patenting the idea was created.


 PROJECT LEADER: Marco Alborghetti, Michele Anselmi, Marco Antico, Guglielmo Ferrecchi, Michelangelo Barletta, Riccardo Pastorino
 TYPE OF PROJECT: research and innovation project in the field energetic
 MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Any type of public or private building that meets the project requirements
 AREAS: environment and energy
STATUS: Active”