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SITPolito meets…

Debates and meetings at Politecnico di Torino university

SIT Polito and SIT community goals are mainly two: creating and encouraging students’ participation in initiatives related to social innovation and promoting them. In order to do that, the association provides two fundamental tools: projects and events.

“SITPolito meets…” is SITPolito’s schedule of events.

Those events are critical to the association: they helped make people know about SIT and SITPolito, introducing and talking about some of the most important initiatives in the social innovation area, plus they let students to deal with some very important issues.

During those events, SITPolito met “Impact Hub Turin”, “Nesta Italy”, “SocialFare”, “Helperbit” and some of the most exciting social innovation businesses.

Not only enterprises and startups attended the events held by SITPolito, but also individuals delivered a speech or met the students of Politecnico di Torino.

Nicola Pirina told about social innovations as way of life, Marco Montemagno, replied to students’ question in university great hall, a meeting attended by more than 600 people.

Participating to these events means that students are able to pay attention important issues that have a minor relevance in every-day life.

LINKS: https://www.facebook.com/pg/SITPolito/events/




PROJECT TYPE: Advocacy project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Politecnico di Torino students

AREAS: Environment & Energy, Sustainability, Economics & Management, Education, Communication, Youngs’ entrepreneurship, Startups


STATUS: Ongoing