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Art for Social

The project SITARS starts from the awareness that art is more and more an active part of social movements born to meet the needs of a community.

The ability of art to challenge the way we look at reality and the necessity to rethink and innovate the economical, social and cultural system are the two aims of SITARS.

The project aims at finding a link between artistic innovation and social innovation, acting as a catalyst of languages and giving values to the people who produce this research. In particular, SITARS has as its objectives:

  • recognising the value of the artists supporting them
  • giving back the input obtained from these social actions that have a visible and real impact.

The three pillars of SITARS

Research: we believe that research is fundamental to lead choices in a period full of information. The research of the single artist is the starting point to implement the project and to suggest new interpretations of reality; we are thus interested both in the outputs of the artist and in the research that comes from it.

SITARS will look for a way to identify social issues and to become a catalyst of different way to interpret reality.

Community: it is important to collect different thoughts from the various artists in a common field of discussion. SITARS wants to create a network of artists that influences and is influenced by the different ideas and on the tools used. The role of SITARS will be to help spread these inputs with a common language.

Impact: involving other actors from the profit and non profit world, SITATS wants to try to give a concrete shape to these ideas. As we said, the key part of the project is to create value to the artists and the society.

SITARS wants to reach these objectives with a strategy that involves:

  • building a “creative community” through the organisation of meetings in the form o workshops, roundtables, talk, etc. opened to artists to produce a collective consideration supporting their artistic output
  • organising public events to show these considerations
  • producing reports and lectures on the research
  • analysing the data collected in the research creating a database
  • creating artistic actions which balance corporate and social field: it could be possible to create a sort of “Social-Cultural Corporate Responsibility”, in which companies give financial resources or tools to create works of art which give back intangible resources and reputation.

PROJECT LEADERS: Cecilia Colombo; Giovanni Testori, Giuseppe Leonardo Pinto, Livia Morosini


PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Artists, local communities

AREAS: Architecture, Design, Economics & Management


PARTNERS AND SPONSORS: Artepassante, Milan

STATUS: Ongoing