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Planning of Solar Panels in India

Plannning and building of the solar pannels for two schools of the Indian NGO IIMC

Preliminary design and support of the implementation of the solar panels (primary energy source) to supply energy to a complex of buildings of the Indian NGO IIMC – Institute for Indian Mother and Child in Dhaki, in the rural area of the southern part off Kolkata (Sundarban Delta), in West Bengal – India. The study focused on the analysis of the site where the panels would be installed and on an in-depth evaluation of the needs of the users (volunteers and IIMC collaborators).

Based on the observations and on the evaluation made on-site, the size of the panels and batteries were evaluated and suggestions were given on installation procedures and on the system safety. A quotation was made based on local prices and on available devices. This system was designed for developing areas. At the same time, we tried to reduce its size as much as possible, with an easy use and maintenance. The main aim was to match technical requirements and beneficiaries needs: appropriate technology and design are vital to be successful with this kind of technologies.



PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project


AREA: Environment & Energy