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The project creates a system based on tubular micro-bacterial digesters, so that organic waste can be reused by small agricultural and livestock entities

Preliminary project planning, measurement and realization of the prototype of a composter simplified to fit in small dimensions. The end goal is to create a system based on micro-digesters than can produce the energy necessary for the sustainment of a small nuclei of people, to make up for the lack  of  alternative sources of energy that are more economically and environmentally sustainable.

This system directed at all small agricultural producers or livestock breeders, which produce large quantities of organic waste. The process of anaerobic digestion, other than producing natural gas, generates a fertilizer that, in comparison to the quality of the material that is already most commonly used, could represent an excellent low cost fertilizer that is rich with nutrients.

It is expected that this system will create: a tool for the dimensioning of the sack in relation to the type and quantity of biomass available, and an installation and use manual. When the materials and suppliers have been decided, the Economics and Management Team members will develop the business plan for the overall system.

Furthermore, the project could take on a notable important role in the promotion of the social and economic development in the particular areas involved in the project through job creation. More specifically, the construction and management of these installations will involve the local workforce and allow for greater access of energy produced locally.

PROJECT LEADERS: Giacomo Rossi, Lorenzo Granato


PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: a first test was in Kibera, but it can be used in all the developing countries

AREA: Environment & Energy

COUNTRY: Italy / abroad

STATUS: ongoing