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Social Innovation Teams: Manifesto

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

We believe that new solutions can be developed against growing inequalities, discriminations, exclusions, injustices, diseases, pollution, and climate change.

We believe that Social Innovations can be among the best answers to these problems.

We believe in new solutions that benefit society as a whole more than the individuals or organizations that developed them

We have seen many Social Innovations in the past (such as microcredit, fair trade, universities, national health services, innovative models of non-profit organizations and social businesses, open source software, bottom of the pyramid products and services, products and services for underprivileged individuals and many social initiatives and social movements)

We believe that many more Social Innovations will be developed in the future:

  • thanks to the democratization of product development processes (innovation platforms, 3D printing, crowdsourcing, open innovation, etc.) ;
  • thanks to the democratization of finance for innovation (crowdfunding, crowdequity, social bonds, social finance, ...);
  • thanks to the growing attention to social and environmental themes and at the same time the limited responsiveness of politics and government.

We believe that Social Innovations are difficult and require months or years of development and dedication: real innovations are the result of long research and experimentation and not the direct result of brainstorming, hackatons, bootcamps and competitions.

We believe in intrinsic motivation, we believe that Social Innovations are a reward in themselves, because they are difficult but interesting to develop, because they have and give meaning to us, and because they matter.

We believe that the best organizations to foster social innovations are non-profit and hybrid organizations, such as social businesses, that combine a triple bottom line perspective of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

But we also believe that every individual and every organization can be and should be involved in Social Innovations, including: non-profit organizations, governments and governmental institutions, as well as hybrid organizations and for-profit companies.

We believe that social innovations could be better developed by aggregating people with different technical and cultural backgrounds and experiences, thus creating interdisciplinary teams that are not afraid of the challenges that lie ahead.

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