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Internet of Things for everyone

Keepy is a company founded to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to everyone. First device produced by the company is an intelligent remote control that allows you to open automatic gates or garage doors from your smartphone.

If at least once in your life you have forgotten your remote control home, Keepy is the perfect solution for you! Plus, you can eliminate plastic and the inconvenience of using multiple remote controls for different cars or different people in your family, condominium or business.

Keepy is easy to use, all you need is a WiFi connection. Unlike the majority of home automation devices, there is no need for a cable connection to the gate control unit. Keepy has a communication protocol based on SSL encryption –the same used for online banking –thus complying with the highest security standards. Only authorized people can access the building if Keepy administrator gives the permission (which may be temporary).

Keepy is also perfect for allowing entry for deliveries or pickups when you’re not home, making life easier for everyone, including disabled and elderly people.

WEBSITE: https://www.keepy.it



PROJECT TYPE: Entrepreneurial Project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Private and public business, apartment building, private dwelling

AREAS: Technology &ICT


STATUS: Ongoing