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Water Filtering System to be integrated in the water distribution system H2OPE

H2OPE-Filter aims at finding a solution to problems related to the access to clean water in developing countries by creating a water filtering system, that is suitable to the context, easy to reproduce, that can be included into the water distribution system H2OPE. The project focuses on the use of a simple technology but able to deal with a number of problems related to water purification in order to meet the different cultural, technological and healthcare needs in those areas.

In the first phase the project allowed to identify some of the available technologies to build the filtering systems so that they can be produced in the developing countries (simple and local materials and technologies). Then potential partnerships were selected and studied in relation to the implementation of three typologies: silver impregnated ceramic filter, plastic mash micro-filter and hollow fiber membrane filtration.

Now, in collaboration with Economy and Management Team we are evaluating the possible business plan for the identified system that can allow local entrepreneurs to exploit the market demand of this type of product, to create a business activity that is sustainable as well as useful to the population. 



PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Developing Countries

AREA: Environment