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Water transport system

H2Ope is a product designed to solve the problems related to shortage of drinkable water in those countries or in those situations with limited water. H2Ope is a modular system of cylindrical containers that allows to transport dozens of litres of water over long distances for domestic uses. The tanks are moved by making them roll over, therefore avoiding carrying the load on the neck and on the backbone.

The product is simple and cheap; it does not need nor maintenance or power. Modularity makes transportation, filling and emptying easier. The system includes also a mechanical filter which can be integrated into the cap which partially purifies the water while emptying.

The two main characteristics are:

- Cylindrical shape: the tanks are transported by rolling over. The use is intuitive and it does not need particular skills;

- Modularity: it allows to adapt the weight to the needs and to physical strength.

PROJECT LEADERS: Alessandro Massaro, Alessandro Guarinoni


PROJECT TYPE: Research and Innovation Project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Poor populations living in rural areas and scarce access to water

AREA: Design

COUNTRY: Developing Countries