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The digital platform for physical therapy and osteopathy services delivered directly to your house

EpiCura wants to make physical therapy and osteopathy services more convenient and easily accessed, especially to injured and elder people, bringing the service to your house and creating at the same time new work opportunities for young professionals who work in a field characterised by part-time jobs, high costs of affiliation with prohibitive offices and difficulties in building a stable network of patients.

Relying on a network of professionals well distributed on the area, EpiCura is able to satisfy the demands of its clients in a few hours, guaranteeing the service, for the most urgent cases, even within the same day. For specific illnesses, the promptness in intervention can result in a complete healing and not just in a partial one. Therefore, EpiCura can build a service around the needs of the patient and not around the preferences of physiotherapeutic and osteopathic centres that often decide to give up convenience and service promptness.

EpiCura works as a “two-way” digital platform that puts into contact physiotherapists and osteopaths with patients who want or need medical treatments at home. Professionals can find more patients without working with private practices or centres. Patients are followed in the choice of the most suitable professional and receive the treatment at home or at their office at the time they prefer without wasting time in transfer or asking others to be accompanied.

LINK: http://www.epicuramed.it/



PROJECT TYPE: Entrepreneurial project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Injured and elder people

AREA: Technology & ICT


STATUS: Ongoing