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Arduino earthquake detector for home

After the earthquakes which repeatedly occurred in Italy in the last few years, the members of SITPolito association expressed their will to make an active contribution: this is how our DeltaWaves project was born and we came up with the idea of creating a cheap earthquake detector for home. The goal of the project was to design a reliable sensor which could detect the vibrations of the surface which it is placed on and respond with the emission of a perceivable output, such as a sound and a notification on a mobile device.

For this purpose, we used the innovative Arduino hardware platform, whose structure, based on interchangeable components, represents a key factor to creating a rapidly and inexpensively improvable prototype. Additionally, we will develop a mobile app which will be connected to the earthquake detector and will promptly notify users and their contacts of the imminent danger.

PROJECT LEADERS: Giorgia Ghione, Loris Braga


PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Residents in highly active seismic areas

AREAS: Technology & ICT


PARTNERS AND SPONSORS: Politecnico di Torino

STATUS: Ongoing