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Turn your social network’s activities into donations for charity projects. No need to spend your own money!

With CrowdActing, users can fund one or more charity projects in exchange for their participation on social networks. Users can support their favourite charity projects by joining a campaign and following the instructions.
Every campaign has a goal in terms of the number of supporters and a sponsor that offers to fund the project. Once the goal is achieved, the sponsor will give money and/or means to make the charity project real. By joining a campaign, you may be asked to express your opinion through a given hashtag or to share a post of the sponsor, but we will never ask you to give money for the project. Additionally, CrowdActing promotes campaigns in which there is no economic return aiming at spreading awareness on how everyday actions can change the world and make it better.

No-profit organizations will benefit from CrowdActing. Through CrowdActing they will be able to raise money and fund their projects, as well as spread awareness of the work they are doing.
Moreover, through CrowdActing, many charity projects will become a reality, and many people will gain benefits from those projects. It is important to point out that we are not supporting a given organization, but rather a given project. In this way users will see the actual results of their effort. People from all over the world (for example disabled and disadvantaged people), the environment, the arts and culture will all benefit from the creation of CrowdActing.

LINK: www.crowdacting.it

PROJECT LEADER: Ambra Abdullahi


PROJECT TYPE: Entrepreneurial project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Projects of no-profit organizations

AREAS: Economics & Management,Technology & ICT


PARTNERS AND SPONSORS: Fondazione Mondo Digitale (Phyrtual Factory)

STATUS: Ongoing