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Community-based approach towards clean energy sources

The project deals with the requalification of few biogas centers within the Kibera’s slum. Through technical and organizational skills, we aim to increase the biogas centers’ productivity and to sell biogas as clean and renewable energy source for cooking.

Major challenges involve the lack of technical and engineering skills to take full advantage of the energy produced on site, and of community education on clean energy.

In order to cope with such challenges, our strategies address users’ awareness towards an energy source derived from human biomass, which is still associated with taboo in the local cultures, and implementation of the biogas centers within the slum, to maximize the existing plants’ efficiency, to prevent potential leakages and releases in the local environment, to monitor the gas flux and pressure, and to optimize the biogas sell on local markets.


                                     Arianna Molino

                                     Elena Perondi

                                     Anthony Swain

                                     Lorenzo Granato

                                     Gabriela Nava Sanchez 


PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: The main beneficiaries of this project are the local populations that will be supplied a clean and renewable energy source with zero-impact on the local environment. Additionally, the use of biogas saves the cost related to the import of fossil fuels and cut toxic emissions, which contribute to global warming.

AREAS: Energy & Environment 


PARTNER: Umande Trust