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Development of a new brand for the European market

In 2014 Diana Barreno founded “LaVie” in Quito, a social enterprise providing jobs to women, mainly over 50, that live on a low income. The main aim is increasing their income as well as giving them a productive activity to spend their time, instead of spending it alone with their own problems, as often occurs.

These women are producing high quality woollen scarves and accessories together creating a warm environment where they can do what they like while discussing about their problems.

SIT is now actively working with Diana and LaVie to create the brand 0°Latitud which will develop, produce and distribute the products manufactured by these women in Ecuador and that will be distributed in Europe. We are now working on the Brand identity, on the design and on the prototypes of a collection of high quality items aimed at the European market, on the definition of the logistic aspects and on the Business model which will best suit the development of the new brand.

PROJECT LEADERS: Arianna Molino, Elena Perondi


PROJECT TYPE: Entrepreneurial project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Women communities in Ecuador

AREAS: Design, Economics & Management

COUNTRIES: Italy, Ecuador


STATUS: Ongoing