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Planning of a solar oven with heat storage

The planning of a solar oven that overcomes the problem of functioning only during the day when the sunlight is available. The project includes the building of a heat storage made of bricks and sand on the rooftop, which will store the heat during the day and will allow the use of the oven during the night. A layer of clay insulates the oven to trap the heat and prevent people from burning.

Fresnel lens on the roof channel solar radiations to maximize heat storage inside a black hole, designed to maximize the area of heat exchange. The small amount of rainwater that can enter the oven is going to evaporate quickly.



PROJECT TYPE: Research and innovation project

MAIN BENEFICIARIES: The first prototype is going to be tested in Perù and probably in Kenya

AREA: Environment, Design

COUNTRIES: Perù, Kenya

STATUS: Ongoing

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